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What box? 
Bad Milk,- is an integrative creative studio,
specialized in both music & graphic design.
Our goal is to let you stand out by making 
your projects immersive, hype-worthy and 
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As far as we're concerned, there is no box. 



We do production, writing, mixing and mastering for
every type of artist, whether you're working on an album
with a major label or finishing your very first indie release.  
Spearheading Bad Milk's music departement is
Willem 'Hush' Vanderstichele, who's worked for some of the
world's leading music companies, including BMG, Sony, Ultra,
Monstercat, Ministry of Sound, RAM RecordsWarner,
Spinnin' and many more.
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...and so much more
We do graphic design, branding, storytelling and
content creation. No matter the project, we'll ensure
it stands out, both online & offline.
Nowadays, you need out of the box ideas and the
technical skills  to back them up. We've got both.
Whether we're doing branding, design and
offline production for a restaurant like Tush, or
artwork, animation and strategic branding for artists
like Axelle or Hush, we're small enough to care
but big enough to scale.
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in a nutshell,-


Officially launched at the start of 2021, Bad Milk,- is
a new creative agency that specializes in experiences,
both in audio and in everything graphic.
In our short life-span, we've been very fortunate to work
on some amazing projects, and the only way is up. 
We're a small team with lots of energy and creative ideas
and most importantly, the passion to turn both your
projects and our studio into forces to be reckoned with. 
So, reach out to base and see where we can take things!
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